"Consistent, lasting, innovative"  These words best describe the guiding principles that woresan GmbH always uses in each new aspect of its business. woresan GmbH specialises in the production and development of cosmetic ingredients based on organically grown fermented cereals.

Sustainability in the selection of raw materials.

The only flours that are used come from cereals that have been grown in Northern Germany under controlled organic conditions. The grain is then milled by regional partners to make specialised flours. Sustainability of our own production. woresan’s production and management are integrated in a rural collection of buildings dating back to 1606. The use of process-controlled fermentation as the primary process method. Moreover, our energy and environmental management ensure an ecologically efficient production structure.

Sustainability, however, also means making a contribution to the reduction of the chemical burden on our environment through the improvement and development of innovative fermentation products on an ecological basis.

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